songs about transition

by Warm Darn

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on a cold night in a dark room
with thin walls and broken floor
i turned on my microphone
and started to sing
and started to play
whatever came to mind
uncomposed and unfiltered
unfinished and unacceptable
ugly honest broken and all
songs about transition

it was a strange time
i was pretending to be someone else
every day
i was beginning to understand
the weight of what i had to do
it hurt so much
but now i can look back
and now i can understand
that i was worth it


released March 2, 2018

everything by warm darn


all rights reserved



Warm Darn Champaign, Illinois

warm darn is the experimental art pop of colleen deremiah. she lives in champaign il usa.

she chose the name warm darn because she probably can not pull off being called hot damn.

like the colors in an opal
like chocolate melting
like drinking alone
like staring at the sun
unimportant, incongruous
like gum on a sidewalk
or an itchy blanket
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Track Name: go to bed
go to bed and lay your old self to rest
go to bed
brush off all your things you fear
cause youre never ever near the truth
go to bed
break off all your chains your socks are
putting little stains and pockmarks on the hardwood floor
so you should
go to bed
will my roommate hear me?
is he knowing what i say into the bedsheets with a microphone?
Track Name: scales
and im embarrassingly bad at scales
finishing sentences
because i cant abide whats inside
careful now, you'll let it out

dont regret the people that you make your pet
Track Name: anybody there
find me where i belong
find me where i belong with anybody there
is there anybody there?
there there, my parent
Track Name: keep on
im wearing a bra
playing guitar
my voice is too low
and i will have scars on my
tissues are softer
then they were
eyes are brighter
but thats my nature

keep on keeping
Track Name: tension
he's always charming, so disarming, and he's happy to see you again
he knows your number, read your fb, and he's going to share your shit again
to show that he loves you more than anybody else
and to show that he misses your attention
a tension

my tattoos still on my arm and i prey
Track Name: queerfeel
i can disappear if you want me
i swear to you i dont need to be there
i guess how you feel is natural
i know that im different
i know that im queer
and i swear i recognize every fear
you maintain that im sane but i know it will come up again
Track Name: christmas
i dont need to be in tune to sing to nobody in an empty room
i dont need to play a chord to match today
it's christmas time again
Track Name: stupidgirl
my throat is sore
my throat is a bore to believe in
i know youre sore inside, a core inside your t
i correlate and i cant relate
i am a stupidgirl again
Track Name: the deepness
i was embarrassed by the deepness of my voice i know i couldnt make it higher at the time so i sang quietly

i will shave a piece off my adams apple please
$20,000 for what?
Track Name: ember
you burn me down like an ember
from august to december
from january to may
and every summers day
Track Name: toothpaste
what did he look like?
what did he wear?
what did he smell like?
for what did he care?
my grandfather passed away before i was born.
he was a patriot im told he always had his hat on.

he died of gum disease. he never brushed his teeth.
he had a wife. i dont remember her name.she was my grandmother. i dont know anything about her.

she died of gum disease. she never brushed her teeth. if my dad hears this he'll be disappointed in me.

i always brush my teeth.
Track Name: siren
when we first crossed paths i was skeptical at best
but its been four long months and you havent let me rest
the dreams i have of you will never quite come true
but i have finally decided what to do
im gonna let it out, i wanna kiss your face
i wanna finish friday night at your place
i wanna keep you close, but in the end
im gonna call you my girlfriend

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